Corporate Governance

Each year, Dimerix details the extent to which the Company has followed the recommendations contained in the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations. Dimerix’s current corporate governance policies and practices are outlined in the annual Corporate Governance Statement.

In this section, you can read the Company’s Constitution or the key corporate governance documents by clicking on the following links:

Dimerix Limited ConstitutionOpens in new window
Dimerix Limited Corporate Governance Policies and Committee ChartersOpens in new window
Board Skills MatrixOpens in new window
Corporate Governance Statement 2022Opens in new window
Privacy NoticeOpens in new window
Right Issue ProspectusOpens in new window
Target Market Determination DXB – Convertible Notes June 2023Opens in new window
Target Market Determination DXB – Options June 2023Opens in new window
Whistleblower PolicyOpens in new window

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